• pushpull
    Adjustable decorative surface

  • Idea of Pushpullhas its rise in desire for combine following issues: unique properties ofplastique of surface; non-conventional procedure of fabrication with oneapproach; minimal material consumption; and ability to adapt for creationindividual decision. Pushpull issimultaneously both process and result. Outcome is complexity relief surfacewhich made of out thin polished aluminum with possibility of flexure withinverse angle. Implementationof panels is come of two parts.

    First, parametric software allows used severalapproach for making relief surface: from images, tapes, vector patterns. Afterthat we get chain of command for industrial robots.

    Second,core of production platform is combined two robotic arms which operatesimultaneously and coordinated. One of the arms pushes aluminum sheet by meansof special changeable head. Another arm makes local support on the back side ofsheet, which allows sag down and pull out just necessary parts of surface.

    This way allow make organic surface, where shape isaccentuated metal glitter of aluminum. At the same time thin aluminum sheet isshaped compound double curved surface which acquire additional strength ofpanel.

  • Example of modes:
  • Mode 0017
    Each of two robotic arms can work both as for pushingand as support. By means of point pressures there are making surface withpattern out of protuberances like needles. Obtained surface able operate inboth side. For example, there are making thin partition. This way we can adjustcharacter of surface: in one side is goodwill, in another side is biting.Needles can be use for example as hooks.

  • Mode 0039
    Light-and-shadeidentification of images. Robotic arms making channels so that shading withreflection of surroundings are showing image on the surface. As opposed tocommon way of printing this image continually changes depending on lightposition, reflection objects, hour and point of view.
  • Imagine more modes...