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If you are a novice gardener or even a beginner in gardening, One thing is certain; you need to buy a wheelbarrow. A wheelbarrow is an essential item when gardening. A gardening wheelbarrow's uses are endless. If you strive to be an expert gardener, The right wheelbarrow will get you one step closer.

A gardening wheelbarrow is different than other wheelbarrows. You need the best wheelbarrow possible, designed to fit your individual needs specifically. Simply, a wheelbarrow is a small cart used to haul and transport gardening items easily by one person maneuvering the apparatus.

Here we will go through the different factors you need to take into consideration before you buy a wheelbarrow. I recommend you read this wheelbarrow buying guide. You will then know exactly what it is you need to look for when purchasing the best garden wheelbarrow for you.

Factors You Need To Take Into Account When Deciding On The Best Garden Wheelbarrow To Purchase

Wheelbarrow Design
The overall design of the wheelbarrow is critical. You want a sturdy frame. A wheelbarrow designed to carry the materials needed. Specifically, a wheelbarrow designed to distribute the weight of the materials so, it is easy for you to push and maneuver from place to place.

Bucket Material
Plastic or metal? Which material better suits your needs? If you have heavy hauling objects such as gravel, garden rocks, or loads of heavy soil. A metal wheelbarrow would better suit your needs. If you purchase a wheelbarrow made with a metal bucket, be sure you can properly store and maintain it. If it is left outside or in the rain, the metal bucket will quickly rust.

If you are hauling light loads and don't want a real heavy wheelbarrow, then one with a plastic bucket is the perfect choice for you. A plastic bucket can easily haul plants, leaves, and weeds. The plastic bucket is easy to maintain and wash out. You simply spray it with the hose. Remember, if you haul heavy items in a plastic bucket, it could easy break. Heavy rocks or bags of sand could cause a plastic bucket to crack. Plus, you have to worry about overexposure to the sun and the plastic fading and warping with time.

All in all, a metal wheelbarrow will last longer and has more uses than a plastic bucket. A plastic bucket is easier to care for and push.

Multiple Uses
This goes hand in hand with the bucket material. What are you going to be using it for? Do you want it for hauling light loads? Or do you need a more durable and strong bucket designed for hauling heavy items? When you know what you want to use your garden wheelbarrow for it will help you narrow down other choices.

Easy To Operate
How well will you be able to maneuver or push your new wheelbarrow? This highly depends on the terrain it will be traveling on. You need to be able to push your wheelbarrow easily. Whether you are on a straight, flat, and smooth yard or if you have to maneuver around structures and plants. Make sure the wheelbarrow is easy for you to handle.

wheelbarrow handles
Often when you see people who are novice gardeners, their hands are cracked and calloused. This is due to using products that have nothing to protect their hands. Whether the handles are made from wood, metal, or other material. You need the wheelbarrow handles to be covered by handle grips. This will prevent your hands from becoming sore when working or even slipping off the handles.

Wheel Quality
What kind of tires do you want your wheelbarrow to have? There are three types, non-pneumatic, semi-pneumatic, and pneumatic. You need the wheels to suit your specific needs and the amount of maintenance you are able of providing.

• Non-pneumatic tires have no air. They are made of solid rubber and they will never go flat. Depending on the wear and tear you put on them, you may have to replace them every few years to get a smoother ride.

• Semi-pneumatic tires is a rubber tire with air pockets built into the rubber. The ride is smoother than with non-pneumatic tires. They are the same in the manner that they will have to be replaced every so often instead of being inflated.

• Pneumatic tires are tires that you must inflate. They are filled with air. They require the most maintenance being that they can go flat or puncture. Although, they are the best to use in many gardener's opinions.
Wheel Number
Now that you decided on what type of wheels, you want your wheelbarrow to have. How many wheels do you want it to have? A standard wheelbarrow has one wheel, front, and center with a tripod shaped frame and bucket. A one wheel wheelbarrow is stable but, not the easiest to push. You can also use best two wheel wheelbarrow for higher loading.

If you want your wheelbarrow easier to push, try a wheelbarrow with multiple wheels. More wheels provide more balance and stability for hauling heavier loads. The downside is that multiple wheels make a wheelbarrow difficult to maneuver or move around in tight places.

Depending on your strength levels. It might be easier for you to purchase a typical one wheel wheelbarrow. A standard garden wheelbarrow is lighter and easier to pivot.

Price Range
An obvious factor that must be taken into account is the price. How much are you willing to spend on the product that will be the best garden wheelbarrow for you? Set a limit and do not go over that. Once you have your price range set. You will be able to see what wheelbarrows are available for you. You can also visit agreatgarden to get informations about different types of wheelbarrows.

Simple Assembly
The is a personal choice. It depends on whether you want your purchased wheelbarrow to be pre-assembled upon delivery. Some gardeners like to put assemble their entire wheelbarrow by their self.

Most wheelbarrows come with little to no assembly required.

Online or Local
Local stores do not always have the exact item that you need. If you find a wheelbarrow at a local store, that is fantastic. Otherwise, your best bet to buy a wheelbarrow is Amazon. Amazon has countless options, great customer service, and prompt delivery. Not to mention, unbeatable prices. If you can't find a garden wheelbarrow locally, head online to Amazon. I guarantee you will find the best wheelbarrow for you.

Guaranteed To Last
When you buy a wheelbarrow, you are looking for quality. You want your wheelbarrow to last. You do not plan on purchasing a new wheelbarrow every year come gardening season. You want the wheelbarrow manufacturer to guarantee to quality. Simply, you need a warranty. If your wheelbarrow breaks after a month of use, you want it fixed or replaced at little to no cost. Be sure to purchase a garden wheelbarrow that comes with a warranty.

Final Conclusion
After reading this guide to purchasing the perfect wheelbarrow for your needs. You know now what factors to look at before you buy a wheelbarrow. You will now be able to easily narrow down your options based on the factors that we have discussed. Soon, you will own the best garden wheelbarrow that seems to be specifically designed just for you.
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