The Lucanus Starship and the Moro-Sphinx Vessel
The Lucanus Starship
Heavily armored "troop transport" battleship
I've been asked by the magazine "3D Artist" to make a tutorial on the creation of an "insect battleship" (like the "Moth Starship") (you can see the project here :
But instead of making a tutorial on an existing ship, I decided to create another battleship based on the the same workflow to start a small fleet.

So I chose to make a bigger battleship. The Lucanus, like the Moth, flows in space bent on itself like a cocoon, but when attacking, it opens its wings and  large claws. It's heavy shield makes it nearly undestuctible, but despite some defensive towers it's only effective way of attacking is to head straight on the enemy with it's gigentic claws. It's first purpose is to transport a fleet of small vessels specialised in short-range attack : the Moro-Sphinx.
The Lucanus may also use his claws to collect raw materials in space (asteroids, ruins of defeated battleships, ...). The raw materials are crushed into its mouth, then sorted and what can be reused is returned in the workshops at the rear of the ship. That way, the Lucanus can reproduce the destoyed Moro-Sphinx during its travels between two battles.
The tutorial is out now on the 3D Artist magazine issue 45 :
Lucanus - Cocoon Mode
Lucanus - Attack Mode
The Moro-Sphinx Vessel
The Moro-Sphinx is a very reliable small vessel. It has no shield and only a light fire power. But it's extremely maneuverable and fast (like a real moro-sphinx, for those who don't know this butterfly I encourage you to youtube "moro-sphinx"). It's so fast and can change direction so sharply that nobody could survive the pressure generated during an attack. That is why these vessels are drone controlled from the Lucanus. Whitout the Lucanus, they are inoperable.