Posters for Israeli Stage 

The Last Act
“Theatre should be dangerous, or else it should not be!” snarls Gilly. This fiery, sexy drama portrays the Palestinian-Israeli conflict with a play on Strindberg’s Miss Julie. Relentless and demanding, pulsing with passion and power and deception and sensuality, this intensely potent combination of Israeli culture, political firestorm, and human emotion represents the best theatre can offer.

Kol’​​​​​​​s Last Call
Kol is standing outside the prison gates. He picks up the phone, and makes a call. Entangled in a corruption case, this dynamic, spirited, sometimes too creative for his own good lawyer is being thrown into jail for misconduct in the courtroom—or is it for uncovering corruption in the system? This edge of your seat experience is about your putting together the missing pieces for this case as Kol calls his mother, wife, mistress, associate, and a cast of characters that live on the other end of the line.

The Hearing
A high school student complains about their teacher expressing leftist views in the classroom, and the teacher is called in for a hearing. This is the true story of Adam Verete who—after opening a dialogue about the morality of an army in a public high school in Israel—was publicly threatened and humiliated.

Days of Atonement
There’s no hardball like family hardball. Four estranged sisters reunite when their mother goes missing. Differences of religious beliefs, professions and class clash. And the Day of Atonement approaches. With a biting sense of humor, the Ohana family fills the room with warmth and love. These four powerful women appear at their most vulnerable, struggling to reconnect, forgive and forget.