Jane Austen Game - Character Illustrations
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    A paid commission to illustrate 16 heroines and heroes from the selective works of Jane Austen for a card game
Good-Humoured Ladies, Agreeable Gentlemen
Sixteen Portraits of Tender Hearts from Jane Austen's Novels
Early last winter I received the most delightful commission request  from a very established university professor of telecommunications. He was in the process of creating "a Jane Austen card game," the rules of which entail matchmaking the various protagonists from a selection of her stories.

Of course, being an ardent fan of the regency era and an obsessive pursuer of Macfadyen!Darcy, I could hardly decline such an opportunity!

Thus, over the course of several months I spent time refreshing my memory of each love-struck heroine and suitor, depicting sixteen female and male characters as they were conceived in Austen's prose, in cinematic casting agencies, and in my mind's creative canvas.
Elizabeth Bennet FROM Pride and Prejudice
Fitzwilliam Darcy FROM Pride and Prejudice
Charles Bingley FROM Pride and Prejudice
Jane Bennet FROM Pride and Prejudice
Colonel Christopher Brandon FROM Sense and Sensibility
Elinor Dashwood FROM Sense and Sensibility
Edward Ferrars FROM Sense and Sensibility
Marianne Dashwood FROM Sense and Sensibility
George Knightley and Emma Woodhouse from Emma
Henry Tilney FROM Northanger Abbey