A book of Books
What is the definition of a book? What makes a book is a book? 

“A book is a sequence of spaces”
Ulises Carrión

This is like the point-line-surface-body system. If we saw every word as a point, words would connect in lines, know as sentences. Then sentences made up pages representing surfaces and forming the spaces. In the end, the book as a whole body consisted of a sequence of pages.

Which part can represent “A book is a sequence of spaces” in a book? For me, it is the Table of Contents. Therefore, I designed a book using the original table of contents and ordered them in sizes.

How I designed the final book? I selected 20 design books in the school library, scanned their TOCs and kept the original sizes. I put the TOC on one side of each spread. To design a double page spread, I also selected some representative pages in the books and used different color dots representing different logics of my choices.
A Book of Books
Draft in Black and White