Product photography | Trinseo Automotive applications 2017
Trinseo’s plastics enable durability, weight reduction and great aesthetics – which is exactly what the Automotive industry aims for. To highlight the benefits of the material, we use a unique low key photography style on car components, that are manufactured out of it. 

Simple go-to set up:
2x Flash Units (often only one needed)
2x Square 65cm Soft Boxes + Fabric Grids
1x 1m circular Reflector (for fill in)

For shots of the entire component we use a neutral grey, infinite paper background, that remains visible underneath the parts. We position one flash unit slightly behind the part and one above it in order to show a light, textured, highlighted base. We avoid any light spills on the background thus rendering it black. This set-up allows for a shot that is both immersive and highlighted.

The rest of the detail shots is just about fun and tries. We often place the part to be shot in the foreground and a flash unit at 45º from the background to achieve an interesting play of light and shadows.
The pictures are later processed on Lightroom, mainly just for dust removal and color corrections.