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2100 A.D.
Passengers from Earth are on the excursion sponsored by ''Beerion'', and they are just landing at a picnic on the planet Eldor.
Meanwhile, a nativ from mentioned planet notes the spaceship. He throws his spear, takes his cart (without wheels), and moves to the landing place.
When he arrives, the first and only thing which attracts his attention is a beer and screwdriver, that he grabs from the table.
In a ''2001: A Space Odyssey'' -- scene, he manages to open a beer with a screwdriver. After he drinks the beer, he experiences a some ''green'' visions, and after a while, his life moves in a completely new direction...

Film inspired by movies, ''Stalker'' (based on novel ''Roadside Picnic'') and a ''2001: A Space Odyssey''.

Edited by,
music arranged by,
written and directed by,
Milan Gligoric