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    Asia's National Animals - The Communication of Identity through Art and Animals.
A Communication of Identity through Art and Animals - A New Symbolic Identities
The key to effective cross-culturalcommunication is knowledge. First, it is essential that people understand the potential problems of cross-cultural communication, and make a conscious effort to overcome these problems. 

People don’t really recognize and realize that the animals from every countries are potential aspects to be the country’s identity, and it is fading away as their identity. Rather than judging and developing other country’s identity by their flags, logo, traditional clothing, monuments or language, there will be a huge potential by combing the aspects above with the art exploration of animals to become a strong and recognizable identity. 

For example, one should always assume that there is a significant possibility that cultural differences are causing communication problems, and be willing to be patient and forgiving, rather than hostile and aggressive, if problems develop. One should respond slowly and carefully in cross-cultural exchanges, not jumping to the conclusion that you know what is being thought and said.