\ 36 days of /glitched/ type
The 36 Days of Type is a project that invites Designers and all Graphic Artists to follow their inspiration to create their own unique and creative alphabet.
The point is to design one letter or number per day without others limits that their creativity.

   more info : http://www.36daysoftype.com/

For this fourth edition of # 36DaysofType, I decided to penetrate deeper into the Glitch ! A style in which I have evolved for some time. Combining uncontrollable automatisms and premeditated manipulations, the difficulty of foreseeing a final result is difficult, making each piece unique and almost involuntary ...



Le 36 Days of Type est un projet qui invite les designers et autres artistes graphiques de toutes specialitées à suivre leur inspiration afin de creer leur propre alphabet unique et artistique.
Le but étant plus précisément de concevoir une lettre ou un chiffre par jour, sans autres limites que leur créativité.

   plus d'infos : http://www.36daysoftype.com/

Pour cette quatrième édition des #36DaysofType, j'ai décider de pénétrer plus profondément dans le Glitch ! Un style dans lequel j'évolue depuis quelques temps. Mêlant automatismes incontrôlables et manipulations préméditées, la difficulté de prévoir de résultat final est difficile rendant ainsi chaque pièce unique et presque involontaire...

C:/user/prvst>start day01.exe_
     Answer from : letter=a
C:/user/prvst>start day02.exe_
     Answer from : letter=b
C:/user/prvst>start day03.exe_
     Answer from : letter=c
C:/user/prvst>start day04.exe_
_Answer from : letter=d
C:/user/prvst>start day05.exe_
_Answer from : letter=e
C:/user/prvst>start day06.exe_
_Answer from : letter=f
C:/user/prvst>start day07.exe_
_Answer from : letter=g
C:/user/prvst>start day08.exe_
_Answer from : letter=h
C:/user/prvst>start day09.exe_
_Answer from : letter=i
C:/user/prvst>start day10.exe_
_Answer from : letter=j
C:/user/prvst>start day11.exe_
_Answer from : letter=k
C:/user/prvst>start day12.exe_
_Answer from : letter=l
C:/user/prvst>start day13.exe_
_Answer from : letter=m
C:/user/prvst>start day14.exe_
_Answer from : letter=n
C:/user/prvst>start day15.exe_
_Answer from : letter=o
C:/user/prvst>start day16.exe_
_Answer from : letter=p
C:/user/prvst>start day17.exe_
_Answer from : letter=q
C:/user/prvst>start day18.exe_
_Answer from : letter=r
C:/user/prvst>start day19.exe_
_Answer from : letter=s
C:/user/prvst>start day20.exe_
_Answer from : letter=t
C:/user/prvst>start day21.exe_
_Answer from : letter=u
C:/user/prvst>start day22.exe_
_Answer from : letter=v
C:/user/prvst>start day23.exe_
_Answer from : letter=w
C:/user/prvst>start day24.exe_
_Answer from : letter=x
C:/user/prvst>start day25.exe_
_Answer from : letter=y
C:/user/prvst>start day26.exe_
_Answer from : letter=
C:/user/prvst>start day27.exe_
_Answer from : letter=none. number=0
C:/user/prvst>start day28.exe_
_Answer from : letter=none. number=1
C:/user/prvst>start day29.exe_
_Answer from : letter=none. number=2
C:/user/prvst>start day30.exe_
_Answer from : letter=none. number=3
C:/user/prvst>start day31.exe_
_Answer from : letter=none. number=4
C:/user/prvst>start day32.exe_
_Answer from : letter=none. number=5
C:/user/prvst>start day33.exe_
_Answer from : letter=none. number=6
C:/user/prvst>start day34.exe_
_Answer from : letter=none. number=7
C:/user/prvst>start day35.exe_
_Answer from : letter=none. number=8
C:/user/prvst>start day36.exe_
_Answer from : letter=none. number=9
\ 36 days of /glitched/ type

\ 36 days of /glitched/ type



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