I'm not very, but a little, proud of having created and published my first very very own typeface. I am quite a typography nerd and I spent last four years studying and dreaming about the subject. 

But going from theory to practice is a whole another story then. 

The idea started after reading "Thinking with Type" from Ellen Lupton. In the last chapter there's a good explanation of the Golden Ratio and I thought it would be funny to create a little piece for my Instagram profile. 

I made then a Golden Ratio (1:1.618) grid and start creating. I just made an A and a B letterform, since I need just these letters for the equation. But then I liked the idea pretty much and I ended creating the whole alphabet and numbers.

They are build from Golden Ratio modular rectangles and inserted in a Golden Ratio grid. Letters have been adjusted just where needed to mantain a decent proportion between single elements.

I have to say that create a typeface from zero is very, very hard, long and complex; it's not just a whole stand-alone design process for each letter, but you also have constantly to compare and control the entire typeface in its entirety and overall appeal.
It is quite evident that some of the letters i created have a sketchy look, but i wanted to stay true to the Golden Ratio as much as possible, so without forcing too much proportions. 

Another very hard part is to find a name for your font. Just every single word on the vocabular is already taken. I started from characther from my favorite books: all taken. The name of places I like: taken. Name of my favorite songs: taken. Name of the fuckin local mountain near my home: taken!!!! I ended up naming it just OC One.

I consider this one just a study on typography rather than a real stand-alone typeface, so i'm not bragging about it. But I'm sincerly glad since i learned more about fonts in the process of trying to make one than by reading dozen of books about typography.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! 

Do you like to give OC ONE a try? Download it for free here