Peace One Day
Graphic Design & Society
ed to nations, 

aspect in society.

Grow awareness and engagement with peace day, establishing September 21 as a global, self-sustaining, annual day of peace, when everyone can take action to end conflict in their own lives and in the lives of others.

This concept is to encourage and giving a chance to let people to recall and remembrance the peace one day which is on the 21st September of every year by carrying out activity which is blood donation. This meaningful event is carried out in peace one day as people are encouraged to donate blood as it helps to save a person’s life. It is a simple way to save a life and it makes people feel happy. The posters were inspired by the signs and symbols as well as elements that related to peace while blood donation helps to let people to remember the peace one day as he or she has done a meaningful thing on that day.
Series of 4 Posters
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