"Kerimov's work directs its focus on the ever changing spatial scales between the physical and psychological space within an individual. With that in mind, Kerimov not only presents both commonly known anatomical elements that everyone can recognize, but also gave form to his idea by using material that shares a personal connection with him: the wood used in making the smallest sculptures is from a tree that had grown in the garden of the artist's past grandmother, and the carved ears are done based on the real-life acquiantances and artist himself.

For Kerimov, the chosen form is about wondering the question of what exactly is the scale of a psychological space when it is affected by physical organs that guide our sense of both inner and outer spatial orientation. On the other hand, the tension between the inside and outside of an individual's spatial dialogue can have form in a
haptical sense; by allowing the viewer to touch the works, Kerimov offers the visitors an option to both relate and add to the layers of an intimate memory trail put on public display."

Curator, Pia Parjanen-Aaltonen

Materials used: wood (birch, elm, pine), bronze, steel,

Photos: Jonne Heinonen