Solsona is a beautiful little medieval town, and there's a young, energetic group of tour guides that are producing a number of themed tours around the old city in the hopes of bringing in more tourism. They asked me to produce a series of tickets for these tours.

The town already had an established image for their tourism materials (see old poster created by the city council below), and I was asked to make the tickets work into this existing style. I kept the red and white palette, but ratcheted up the saturation to suggest the youthful energy of the guides.

The focal point of each ticket is a single element that is relevant to the tour being purchased, and which connects the white right-hand part of the ticket with a thick red band which corresponds to the perforated edge that is torn off and kept by the company.

Helvetica Condensed is a fine typeface for public administration, but it really doesn't capture the character of Solsona from a tourism perspective. And so I kept the condensed sans serif (in this case Avenir Next) for the quotation but changed everything else to Warnock Pro, which provides a more traditional, old world vibe while also suggesting studiousness and storytelling – both important elements of guiding.

These two tickets will serve as templates for tickets to new tours that the company plans to offer in the future.
Poster produced by the town council with the house style that needed to be partially respected.