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We were tasked to deliver Ocado’s Annual Report and effectively demonstrate how Ocado’s technology will continue the channel shift in how shoppers embrace new technology that will drive more convenient solutions and improve their online experience.

Our approach:
We created a structured story that was driven by Ocado’s business model. Reinforcing a consistent message that Ocado’s technology platform and retail experience is a virtuous cycle that drives innovation and growth.

We ensured that Ocado’s story of staying ahead of current market trends and their continued investment in research and development was reinforced to maintain Ocado’s status as fresh-thinkers and deliverers of the world’s most advanced end-to-end online shopping and delivery solution.

The story told:
Ocado’s team wanted their report to communicate who they were and their competitive advantage clearly so that someone new to the Ocado group could pick up the report and quickly understand their business and value proposition. By working in partnership with Ocado’s team we addressed the structure of the report so that the content around the channel shift to online from physical stores and how Ocado is uniquely positioned to benefit from this was given greater prominence. This would allow any prospective or current stakeholder to quickly understand the reason for Ocado's existence.

We introduced the ‘Ocado within the Marketplace’ section. By outlining the trends in the grocery retail sector, the impact that they are having on all retailers and how specifically it affects Ocado. This section adds value and provides context to Ocado’s story, allowing investors to get a better understanding of the context that Ocado operates in and the impact of this content on the Ocado group.

The Business Model was developed, in partnership, to include more information on each core element (innovation, efficiency, growth and investment) within Ocado's virtuous cycle.

The Strategy section was developed further as it has become increasingly more important to create interconnectivity with the rest of the report through the inclusion of links to KPIs and risks. The inclusion of ‘Future Focused’ content for each of the strategic objectives gave the Strategy section a better balance between Ocado’s past and future.

We enhanced the consistent theme of the Ocado group ‘delivering the best platform for online grocery’ by telling the story of Ocado’s convenience that is powered by technology. The concept of the ‘supermarket in your pocket’ that is available whenever and wherever you needed it was produced as an animation for the preliminary and annual online report and reproduced as a static cover for the printed annual report.

This resulted in a powerful and informative suite of investor and stakeholder communications that demonstrate Ocado’s position of strength as deliverers of advanced retail solutions.
Concept render for printed cover and online website animation
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Ocado Group plc Annual Report

Ocado Group plc Annual Report

We were tasked to deliver Ocado’s Annual Report and effectively demonstrate how Ocado’s technology will continue the channel shift in how shopper Read more


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