International Film Festival Of India
Getting India ready to welcome the World Cinema
Branding | 2017

IFFI (International Film Festival of India, Goa) is India's biggest film festival. Mostly positioned during the year end, the festival happens in the exotic state of Goa, situated on the Western Indian coast. This is a concept developed by me for the Branding of the festival for this year.

The concept:
The IFFI, till now has had a logo comprising of a peacock which is also the National bird of India and symbolizes love and celebration. Various elements of the peacock have always been visible in their branding because of this. For this, I decided to create a feather. Illustrated in detail using Adobe's Illustrator, this feather serves as a common motif for the entire branding pf the festival.

Next up, it was the time to differentiate the different elements of this branding. And the best way to do that was color coding. And to do that, the concentric rings were added around the feather. The rings also symbolize an audience is an ode to the amphitheaters which gave a major boost to the field of performing arts. Different designs had their corresponding color codes hence making each design unique, yet keeping it in the same family.
Then came typography:

Next up came the Graphic Charts for the Festival Participants

And then it was time to start designing the stationary

The Stationary Design started with opening ceremony invites and the Official Business Cards for the Employees at the ESG and the DFF Office.  The Invite as shown above is an Elegant yet a rustic design and a nod to the evergreen printing technique of Letterpress. With the feather and the arcs being consistent with the Design language, The overall idea behind the invite design was to make it classy, elegant and subtle with a dash of funk.

The Business cards on the other hand, have the circles retained but the feather is missing here as these are meant for a corporate usage. Based on a very sleek and simple design The Cards are designed to be attractive yet subtle.

Post the Cards and the Invite, I turned to the other stationary and primary publicity. Shown below are the are the letterheads and the envelopes. Following that are the Publicity Posters designed for the IFFI which could be put up at Public Spaces in India as well as abroad.
Once I was happy with the basic branding and the publicity, it was time for me to move on to the complex stuff and I started it with the Festival Tote bag and its contents - The Festival Handbook, A Delegate Card and the T shirt.