Arbitrary graphic design
Some samples of Graphic Design work done over the last couple of years in no particular order
The two double page spread shown here, is first the photoshop template layout and then the double page centrespread as it appeared in the business publication.
Below I have included the front cover as designed. (minus the magazines added copy)
Another example of the designed template sans copy, again for the same business publication.
The ad immediately below was one of the many generic layouts done for the same client.
Front and inside cover for a local law firm, laid out for their generic insert which are laser printed and then stapled into the offset printed covers.
Yet again another template, this time done for local government, as I often turned half page, full colour newspaper ads around in three hours or less, I generated fairly complicated templates waiting for the copy to  arrive, thus limiting the clients chance of re-generating copy once the ads were completed. Local government would supply a MS word doccies, which I dumped into the template.

I gave them a copy-count which I had worked out in advance. Despite every attempt to manage the communications officers, all I had time was to dump the copy and email to the newspaper, no time for copy-proofing because despite advance warning, the comm. officers were incapable of meeting any deadlines. 

This was an incredible frustrating time in my design carreer. The upside was the absolute freedom I had to generate these templates, I could try a wide variety if ideas and treatments and see how the local paper handled them, invariably they managed to print them despite their awful reputation for colour printing.

I would sometimes get a warning two hours before my shift started at said newspaper. I had to phone and make excuses why I would 'by a couple minutes' late (yeah right, sometimes it would be an hour or more lat) and then whack a layout together praying the copy would in fact arrive. Sometimes it would not. 

As the paper where I worked kept me busy for a max of three hours a night, I often slipped in finishing these ads during working ours.