• bodor audio + identity

    Identity design for a hungarian high-end hifi manufactory.
    Hidden Characters, 2012
  • The bodor audio + is a hungarian manufactory, that makes high-end hifi audio devices. All of their products are carefully verified, hand-made works. Their target is the unique design, the highest quality with the reaching of the clearest sounding.Their products can be customized, but characteristic in every case.
  • Logo/type
    titillium typeface + product shape = customized font
    Redesigned characters based on the shape of the product
  • brand + equations = personalized identity
  • It’s very important to have their own typeface, because we built the brand, by completing the bodor audio + brand name to 3 term equations. With these we can easily and variously express those indescribable moods, feelings, what a system like this can give us. Furthermore next to these there are extra layers as music.
  • business cards
  •  catalogue
  • branded wine gift