The rebranding of Piast Hotel Opole

In 2016 we were invited to prepare the change. The change of image of the most recognizable hotel in Opole - Piast Hotel. 
The Piasts were the longest reigning dynasty of princes in Opole and it's region. We took back into the history in 
search for the prince, who will become good symbol of this modernization.

Jan II Dobry  ("Dobry" in polish stands for "The Good One") was the best choice. 
His reign was full of good examples of management of his duchy and he fought 
for equal rights for his people. 

We built new hotel's visual communication on image of the Prince and make it based on simple rules of readability and clarity. The color palette was improved to make it look more serious and noble. In new identity we focus on clean and simple communication, based on relevant informations, clear for everyone. 

Just like Jan II Dobry (remember? "The Good One") does back in his days.

The continuation of this image is in the new visualisations of the Piastowska restaurant and is consistent in form with the image of the hotel where the restaurant is located.
Want to see it live? We invite you to visit beautiful city of Opole
and Hotel Piast's website as well:


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