Videoclub Españistán
A portrait of the Spanish political and economic situation through movie posters.
Our zero zero agent faces country's bankruptcy. 
Catch me if you can
Although there is a warrant out for his arrest, the husband of Government Delegate Cristina Cifuentes, had no qualms about appearing at the Government delegation to be photographed with his wife and other family members.  Link to the original photo: Los Genoveses
Alaman's Heroes
Colonel Francisco Alamán Castro threatens with a military intervention in Catalonia if it proclaims its independence. He's also a Franco fan.
MALGASTAR 3: The fugitives
Madagascar 3 parody. Malgastar in Spanish means wasting money.
The animals represent Spanish politicians accused of corruption and embezzlement, specifically Carlos Fabra (lion), Francisco Camps (zebra) and Rita Barberà (hippopotamus).
The penguins from the original poster are here the two seagulls that appear in the logo of the political party they belong to. The plane flying over the lion's hat is related with one of Spain's most peculiar and bizarre cases of squandering.
Breaking Bad
No words needed …
Well, just a few:  He's currently the President of Españistán.
All election promises broken, nothing but lies....
Spain’s economic reality is Pure Fiction.  “You say tomato, I say bailout...”
German Economy for dummies detail.
Montoro Salvaje (Raging Montoro)
Montoro is the Finance Minister, here in the role of Jake La Motta in Toro Salvaje (Spanish translation of Raging Bull). The relentless right (wing) hook.
Trouble in Little China
Sex, a Chinese laundry and something extra-large in between. Porn actor Nacho Vidal stars in “Big Trouble in Little China! The Gao Ping network used Nacho Vidal’s production company to launder 14 million Euros.
Blind Date
Yes, our President doesn't speak English (neither did any of our previous presidents), only Spanish.
A date with her is every politician's dream come true. And with dreams like her, who needs nightmares?
De Cabo da miedo / Scary De Cabo (Cape Fear)
Ángel de Cabo was jailed with the highest bail ever set in Spain’s legal history.
A love to hide
Former President Zapatero praising Rajoy, Zaplana praising Zapatero. Out of the closet at last!
P.S.: if you don’t recognize the cyclist on the left, he’s Zaplana (he’s had a nose job).
Missing in Action
While the country sinks into bankruptcy, the leader of the opposition is.... Missing in Action.
Let's take a closer look at the characters escaping: they are all former Spanish Ministers in flight to new positions in big companies.
King Juan Carlos was, like John Carter, an honorary President of WWF Spain, until he was caught killing elephants in Botswana with his lover while the kingdom of Spain was in the midst of the crisis.
Trading Places
Spanish banking: privatize the gains, socialize the losses.
Der Untergang
Abortum: Men Who Hate Women
Men Who Hate Women was the Spanish title of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Minister of Justice Alberto Ruiz Gallardón is a Man Who Hates Women, depriving them of the freedom of choice regarding abortion, taking us all the way back to the 19th century. 
The Paper
The Paper is about   FatimaGate, the Spanish news leak scandal of 2012.
Fátima Bañez, the Labor Minister (who believes the virgin will get us out of the crisis) disclosed the opposition's labor force adjustment plan (ERE); the leak was published by the most conservative and biased newspaper in the country. 
ERE means labor force adjustment. PSOE is the party. The Puppy is the Presidente.
Dictator Francisco Franco is Untouchable.
From 1939 his rule was law. Franco’s Spain displayed all the usual characteristics of a right wing dictatorship. All opposition was ruthlessly dealt with; the nation had to endure the activities of a secret police force; all the aspects of politics that would have been taken for granted in Europe, such as fair elections and political opposition, were not tolerated in Franco’s Spain. He died in 1975.
Even today, the crimes committed during his dictatorship in Spain cannot be investigated. Ask Garzón what he thinks of it.
Dirty Business
Asuntos Sucios means Dirty Business.
Iñaqui Urdangarín son-in-law of Spanish King stole millions of euros of public money.
16 million euros to be exact.
Palma’s Honor
Spanish Royal Mafia: A pair of blue-blooded lovers in a cold-blooded business.
No scape
Fighting for cutbacks will be the fight of his life.
The last of the Marianos
The end of a breed.
Liar liar
MIB: Men in Black
Devil’s advocate
Starring Luis Bárcenas and his new lawyer, Javier Gómez de Liaño.
Zipi and Zape (Spanish cartoon characters)
Break the rules, join the club!
Videoclub Españistán

Videoclub Españistán

A portrait of the Spanish political and economic situation through movie posters.