Hylaea it’s a personal project inspired by worlds of fantasy and card games in which I’ve set myself to translate my daily life into whimsical unexpected scenes of fantastical adventures. These illustrations portray mythical beasts, wondrous magical items and a couple of peculiar main characters: a sorcerer and a druid who share a home in a dazzling and puzzling treehouse.
Greatly inspired by Wizards of the Coast’s Magic The Gathering, it is a series of illustrations filled up with green and vibrant colors, with references in the brazilian Amazonian jungle, huge sequoia trees and colorful bromeliad.
Each of the scenes portrayed on this series expresses some aspect of my own little life, along with passion and curiosity for the nature. From my pet cat Miranda to our daily hobbies, many simple aspects of a regular routine get to be represented from a new perspective.

The proposition of this project is to  display the illustrations  created for a fictitious card game in full scale as well as applied to their respective card layouts. Hylaea is the first set of cards to be presented for this mockup game. Naming, branding and layouts have also been created by me for this purpose.