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WA energy retailers are very competitive. And in this market Kleenheat is the challenger brand. Their advantage? –They offer the same natural gas, from the same pipes, only cheaper. Their problem? People don’t want to think about their gas supplier. It’s complicated, and changing their supplier is all too hard.

The Idea
Let’s be refreshingly honest. Let’s be the energy retailer that is the exact opposite of complicated, with less talk, more energy. Let’s make it easy for people to think about switching.

The Execution
We created Rodney. He makes everything complex. Even a simple thing like saving is made difficult by Rodney. But as it happens, the universe, and indeed Kleenheat, aren’t fans of complicated – and so in each scenario, Rodney is removed by some random act of the gods. Leaving us with our Kleenheat spokesman who simplifies savings for us – “Switch to Kleenheat. You’ll get the same gas, from the same pipes, only cheaper.”

The Work
The campaign was launched through television, press, out of home, radio and digital channels. We saw Rodney being squashed by a safe, sucked up into the internet, hit into the sky by a tree swinging giant, turned into a rather unattractive dog and caught up in a gravity loophole portal, amongst other things.

The Results
After just three months in market, we saw Kleenheat’s customer base jump by thirty-five percent. We managed to get 30,000 people to think about their gas supplier, shake the apathy and signup to Kleenheat, making it their most successful winter campaign ever.