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Some Conference 2012: Remix
Some Conference 2012: Remix was the second installment of the annual design conference Some Conference. Four fellow students and I organized the SoCo12 under the supervision of our teacher Sven Voelker.
The whole conference was organized by students, including concept, booking, identity and marketing campaign.

The team was made up of Patrick Müßiggang, Margret Wolf, Colette Dörrwand, Marcus Blättermann, Markus Lange.
Line of speakers: Chill Gonzales, Eike König (Hort), Mate Steinfurth (Seesucht), Max Andersson, Alexander Lis (Design Agentur Frankfurt ), Nadine Kolodziey and Iris Dankemeyer.

It also featured exclusive video interviews with Harald Lesch and Girl Talk.
500 guest from all of Germany attendet the conference only July 1st 2012.

SoCo12 won the Gold Nail at the ADC Young Talent Award and the Design Award of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in the category Best group work.
Some Conference 2012: Remix