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    Scored to picture composition for City of Perth Christmas 'Lights' campaign.
City of Perth - The City at Christmas

The City of Perth has a multitude of attractions on offer over the Christmas period. From the night markets, to enticing entertainment experiences and its' world-class retail offerings. However, the people of WA don’t necessarily realise that these attractions are the best in WA at this time of year. We needed to change this. 
Christmas time is a magical time of year and this campaign emphasizes the fact that the magic happens in the City of Perth. We created an emotive campaign that taps into the sentimental mentality people have at this time of year. And for those that are a little jaded about Christmas, we hopefully put a smile back their face and reawakened some of their Christmas spirit!
Idea and execution
We used the lights of the City of Perth to entice people in from the suburbs. CGI techniques were used to literally make the lights on a decorated house in the suburbs come to life and follow each other into the city. This idea harks back to Disney’s Fantasia film of the 1940s. The TV ad is the main vehicle for the campaign and is supported by tactical executions running across digital platforms to drive visitation to events and spend with retailers and venues.

Compose a 'scored to picture' Disney like experience. Create a sense of wonder whilst giving character to the lights and events surrounding them then gradually build to a magical ending.