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    NIXON Vintage Concept watches
Watch Concepts Let You Play Pong and Tetris In Style

"Lysandre Follet's watch concepts assume the identity of a pair of Nixontimepieces, throwing pong or tetris into the inner workings whileavoiding excessive nerddom. The watches balance throwback games withsimple, clean designs that don't look to irony for their appeal (likethe designer retro-reissue of the Casio Databank). If this were ever real, I'd seriously consider buying it."

Tetris & Pong Forever

"Relive the gaming glory of your youth by immersing yourself in quick games of Tetris and Pong Forever. Sure today’s video games are a bit tricky for the rusty out dated gamer but at least with the Nixon watch, you’ll always feel right at home. My only question is who do I play Pong against? My left and right hands aren’t exactly evenly matched so it wouldn’t be a fair game."