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    An info graphic showing how much visual information we are exposed to in an hour. numbers are baised on a personal tow days experience.
Information Overload
How much information are we exposed to?
Being auniversity student in the age of Internet made me experience the Information Overload before I even know the term.
When we start lookingfor information in the internet, we get a huge number of pages opened on tabsand every one of them has so many images, icons, text, links and advertisementswhich makes it even harder to keep our attention for getting the neededinformation.
Here where Iwanted to see an infographic that tells me about Information Overload and howit looks like in real life?
So, I chose thisquestion for my project.
My goal was tomake my audience notice this huge amount if small but repetitive information inan hour, and then let every one think how could this harm there life and how tosolve it.
And here is the same Project done in Arabic language