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    Thematic postcards to Instituto Mauá.
Christmas Postcards - Instituto Mauá
Graphic Design and Photography

Two postcards created for Instituto de Artesanato Visconde de Mauá, a brazilian handcraft preservation institute. The theme was the brazilian (Bahia State specifically) christmas. It was developed at 2007.

"Christmas at Bahia the gifts come this way..."
It was chosen five objects form Mauá's store to show the concept. They are exposed on backside of postcard with its prices. We photographed the object to frontside and putted a typical poem (cordel) on back - "What if Santa was brazilian".

The poem (Cordel):
If him was brazilianI'd be happyNo sled or snowNo child hungryEverything would be betterEverything so different.
Cause if him was brazilianWhat would be the gift?This tale with reindeerTakes out my peaceIf him was son of our landWould be carried by donkey.
If him was from BrazilNo elf or castleThe clothes would be othersOn his feet, only the slipperNo red clothesBut green and yellow.
If him was brazilianThe history claims: Change!Every children on schoolWith peace always studyingNo bonnet or pantsHe would use shorts (…)
Thank you, peopleMerry Christmas everyone.