Durham Road School is WA’s leading independent public school catering to students with intellectual and physical disabilities, sensory impairments, challenging behaviours, and/or autistic spectrum disorders. With 193 students, and 170 staff, the school had become too big for its culture. Our job was to craft a concept and script for a film and a ‘manifesto’ book for the staff, to remind them of how truly important their jobs are when it comes to creating the best environment for the children. The key message: Durham Road School nurtures every child’s innate potential for a fulfilling life.
To really show that Durham Road School believes in nurturing every child’s potential, we invited the students to help in every aspect of the film's production. From directing, to sound recording, to camera work, grip, sound, and art department; the kids were thrilled to get involved and show what they could do. 

During a walk around the school, we noticed children playing with the many musical instruments that decorate the playgrounds. With the help of Andrew Wright from Forest Studio, the children created an amazing score that really shows how much potential they have to offer. The score was based on a melody played by one student, Ava, on a playground piano, and it comes to life with other students' percussion and singing.

The result is a Spirit Film that not only explains Durham Road School's values and requirements for current and incoming staff, it shows how important this school is for disabled children and their families, while proving that the students really can do more than we often give them credit for.
A companion book was created to explain the School's values in greater detail. With beautiful design by Melissa Radman, and photography by National Portrait Prize winner Elizabeth Looker, the book is a keepsake and reference for teachers and families.
See below for some sample pages, and download a PDF here.