AW15 Boot Silo Animation Concepts

Autumn / Winter 2015 would see the launch of some key boot collections for Umbro, including the newly designed Speciali Eternal, the freshly evolved UX-2 and the colour punched Velocita.

Still photography and backdrops had been produced for the collections, but I was asked to help bring the still artwork to life for Umbro's media channels. The final animations were sadly left on the cutting room floor alongside the audio that accompanied the original clips, but they were a great set of video projects to work on.

Speciali Eternal

The Speciali Eternal set was inspired by the blue and white stripe detail found on the heel of the boot. This formed an animated ribbon that sat behind the boots, which moved in parallel with the orchestral soundtrack, used to emphasise the classic design inspiration that forms the product.


The Velocita animation is built on the colour pop of the boot and the lightweight, speed silhouette of the product itself. The video features glitchy, high-speed switches are designed to accentuate the the speed mantra, with unpredictable but attractive results. 


The UX-2 clip was formed from the snake-like camouflage pattern found on the upper of the boot. This was bought to life as a growth that formed on the background, revealing itself underneath the boot.

This was paired with an uncomfortable soundtrack that aimed to replicate the growing movements that are seen on the screen.