Sandwich to the Moon
This started out as the children's book I wrote and illustrated for my senior's thesis project back in college. I only printed out two copies of the book then, but in In 2013, Sandwich to the Moon was published by Vibal LG&M Corporation. Yey! You can now purchase copies of the book from them or from select National Bookstore branches.
Sandwich to the Moon is a story about a country of silly people full of silly ideas, and how sometimes the best ideas may sound ridiculous at first, but that's how we end up with cool new discoveries.
Below are a couple of spreads from the book. Let me know what you think! :)
"The silly citizens of a small country loved to dream, play, and invent things all day long. Other countries did not approve, but this didn't bother the silly citizens of the small country at all. Every day, they would think of fun things to do. It was better if no one had tried it before, like making rooftops out of corn, or teaching penguins how to fly!"
"One day someone yelled, "We should make the biggest, tallest, best sandwich ever!"
"We should build it in Antarctica so it won't go bad!" somone said.
"They found a perfect spot in a valley. The snow was nice and powdery, and the wind wasn't as harsh as the spots near the coast. They started building right away. They stacked layers upon layers of bread, lettuce, ham, cheese, tomatos, cucumbers – anything and everything they wanted."
"And it got even taller! It was a lot of work, but the view from the top made it all worthwhile.
For days and days, they did nothing but build, build, build."
"They made a startling discovery: The moon was made of cheese after all! As a final touch, they took a piece of the moon and grated it over their sandwich. Perfect! With their sandwich complete. they began their way back down to earth."
"Upon reaching the ground, they were greeted by people from all over the world – chefs, sculptors, gardeners, carpenters, scientists, and daydreamers turned inventors – who had heard about the biggest, tallest, best sandwich ever and were inspired to bring their own silly ideas to life."
"All around the world, ideas flourished. New inventions and discoveries were spurred on by wild imagination.
Thanks to the silly citizens of a small country, who weren't so silly after all."
Sandwich to the Moon