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    This design cannot be reproduce without my consent.
by: Janvic Victorio
Since childhood Jun-Jun was attached to his father’s hobby being a cock breeder. He really enjoyed taking care of his pets treating them like his own brothers knowing that he’s the only child in their family. Years passed his parents died because of an illness and it’s just like god’s call because their too old. Jun-Jun became the owner of the whole cock farm and expanded it by his own guts.
He makes his name so proud being the richest cock breeder in their town. One night, while Jun-Jun was busy checking his cocks as a daily routine, a meteor like thing just fell down and destroyed in his “mini-kubo”. He quickly approach and search for that weird thing. He was shocked, when he saw a Green Cock lying and seems weak.
He knows that it isn’t an ordinary cock because it’s color and glowing feathers. But he took the Cock and brought it to his house. When the cock was conscious he tried to feed it, but the cock just refuses it and tried to fight Jun-Jun. That thing was really wild, but Jun-Jun never give up. Days passed without completing it by leaving Jun-Jun a mark in his arms when he tries to feed and bathe “Tari”, that’s what he named it.
And… They became best friends! But, still Tari sometimes bullying Jun-Jun.
One night while Jun-Jun was feeding his pets, thieves entered his place and tried to steal cocks. He tries to save them but a thief with a gun, shot Jun-Jun in his shoulder. He fell to the ground, Tari saw what happen. He pity stared Jun-Jun, and he started to glow and fly towards him.
Tari’s body transformed into a, double-headed chained scythe and it’s soul entered Jun-Jun. The blooded Jun-Jun now became a muscled man; hairy necked, with a gladiator like suit and glowing eyes. The thieves panicked and shoot the new Jun-Jun with their guns. But he’s macho body just ignores the bullets. He now released the chained-scythe, quickly catches the men and tightly grasps it until they’ve they lost consciousness and collapsed. He then brought the thieves to the police.
Of course! as a superhero he should not tell his true identity while he was interviewed by the people and so, he called himself the… COCKMAN! And the journey of Jun-Jun and Tari continues.

Weapon: Double-Headed chained Scythe
Skill 1: Cock Claw
Skill2: Cock Slam
Skill 3: Cock Hurricane