Director: Phil Collins
Photographer: Verena Batz
Producer: Dizzo
Sektmann: Z-Boi
Chart Director: Simone Weber
Thanks: Konken Studios

This clip is made up of about 200 similar video takes of 26 people that feature both neutral black and white portraits and dark ones in which the subjects' faces are lit up by facial projection mapping from VDMX. The mapping already responds to the audio while shooting.

All footage is fed into Processing (Java) where it is masked, cut up and rearranged (also according to the audio) and then finally it is multiplied and added together in After Effects.

Video created using Processing & After Effects and based on the GCollage idea.
Cast: Anette, Antoine Baiser, Bandog, Beckmann, Benni Bo, Bonez, Costa Titan, Daniel Bregulla, Deo, Inga, Katta, Levente, Lisa, Mad Monkey Dan, Marc, Mc Falasha, Momo, Pauli, Pelle, Pola, Roberta, Samir, Yo'hanni, Z-Man