about Atdi
as one of the world leaders in the development and implementation of automated spectrum management systems, offers its clients decades of experience and extensive knowledge in the scope of planning, development and publishing software focused on management, radio planning and monitoring spectrum of digital cartography, network planning and optimization.

Well-established market position as well as innovation of solutions need to improve working methods in integration the company business with its graphical image. 

One of the methods is to create ATDI visual identification which can have positive associations and present a modern and professional character of the company. The visual identity should be unique and original - easy to recognize and remember. Graphic standards of logo will be helpful in creating and implementing this image as base. 

complex graphical service

identity | art direction | design | visualizations 
Dominika Komowska

all projects during the cooperation were based on materials provided by the customer — especially cartographic maps, diagrams  and schemes which were used as an inspiration to create a series of icons for the main products of ATDI SA.