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    Branding Project of an Vienna based ArtSpace
PS ArtSpace
Raum für Kunst
On April30, 2011 the Viennese Pratersauna – one of the most interesting locations inEurope, according to Monocle Magazine – presents the PS ArtSpace in addition to the cluband sauna.

Exhibitionsare initiated and curated separately from club operations, with aninstitutional structure and an independent corporate identity under the artbrand PS ArtSpace, sponsored by ‘departure’.

Pratersauna’s art team is planning onestablishing progressive exhibition concepts in Vienna, based on internationalmodels.

The newly adapted rooms on the second floor will function as anoffbeat location for independent national and international art projects. Theseprojects and exhibitions will be shown in cooperationwith renowned artists, institutions as well as external (art-) festivals.

A team of experts composed of national mentorsand international curators has been formed around the core team. They ensurethat the PS ArtSpace lives up to the expectations of an international staturewith a strong national relevance. Moreover, the enlargement of the team shouldguarantee a high quality annual program that can prove successful in theViennese cycle of exhibitions.

PS ArtSpace / Raum für Kunst
Host: Hennes Weiss / Pratersauna
Curation: Geronimo Noah Hirschal / peach.lab
Photography: Claudio Farkasch / lichtschalter.tv
Branding: Axel Walek MA

DEFORESTOFENCES // Clemens Wolf / http://www.clemenswolf.com/
BRANDING THE UNSPOKEN // Ulrich Nausner / http://www.ulrichnausner.com/
LEVEL // Valentin Ruhry / http://www.ruhry.at
A MOVEABLE FEAST // Andrew M. Mezvinsky / http://www.andrewmezvinsky.com
DISTORTIONS // Elinor Ingemann, Nadine Kreter, Jessica Mairs, Takeshi Shiomitsu, Annie Strachan, Catherine Taylor / http://www.chelsea.arts.ac.uk