Hello guys.
I just finished shirt design "Thasmoosh x Massacre Conspiracy"

THASMOOSH is a premium clothing line founded in 2012.Everything begins with THASMOOSH'S stickers as our existence.THASMOOSH was named as the symbol of our LOVE and APPRECIATION. The style of designs is inspired by today's youth music scene. Because we believe that MUSIC TAKES CONTROL OF ONE'S LOOK. Music's influence on personal identity building and social trends is its interdependence with fashion.As one of the new born brands in Malaysia, seriously focuses on good quality and fashionably suitable products.


Massacre Conspiracy 
It's all started in the mid of 2008. Both band Our Time Honored and UponTheRiverSky have joined together and formed a new band named Massacre Conspiracy. OTH and UTRS line up agreed to cooperate together since both band almost have similiar band members. The band now consists of 6 members with infinite wisdom to continue their desire and intentions to produce quality music which is a mixture of Hardcore and Metal, and this band is based in KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA.

and enjoy the design. 
comment and critics are appreciated much. 
thanks =)
Below are my personal design, its not for shirt printing for the time being. so....im playing around with colour and make a poster/flyers for their upcoming show.just for fun.
Thanks!! leave your feedback. =)