"On the morning of her murder trial, 18-year-old Ayesha refuses to plead guilty for killing her husband. Alongside fellow murderesses Marici and Idlozi, these three female spirits revisit the shocking, amusing and frightening moments in their lives that led to their unorthodox crimes. Through a sinful blend of comedy and horror, we invite you to encounter the modern day femme fatale: women driven to harm those they love."

I was very excited to be a small part of this production, adapted from a play by Ismail Mahomed (with his support) called Purdah, Femme Fatale was one of 6 plays across South Africa to get chosen to participate in the 5th International Women's Theatre Festival in Johannesburg in 2016.

My part was to design and illustrate a poster and five cards featuring "Femme Fatales" from history and fiction as rewards for the crowd funding campaign.

Femme Fatale
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