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Tosco: The Alpha Series
A Kickstarter Project
Redd Robot in collaboration with graphic Yahid Rodriguez presents to you Tosco: The Alpha Series.

This is a Kickstarter fundraiser. I goal is to raise money to manufacture Tosco into a 9 inch Designer and DIY toy. The Designer/Vinyl toy market needs a new face and that face is Tosco.

We have 9 artist participating in the project to bring you some of the most exciting designs you've ever seen on a robot. Also within the project we offer a all white DIY figure for you construct  your own design on.

The cool thing about Kickstarter is that you can pledge now and only pay for your pledge if the full amount of funding is reached. If the full amount is not reached then you are not charged.

We are accepting any types of help. Your pledges, tweets, likes, stumbles and whatever else you can thing of is highly appreciated. Help us make Tosco into a reality. Support Tosco: The Alpha Series.