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    The description is above the pictures :l
Here's a bunch of 'em...
I made this pixel work for a small independant games company in Canada called 'Super Brothers'. They did a kind of event where anyone could send in their artwork inspired by their award winning game 'Sword & Sworcery' so i decided to create a game hero who started out in pixels but in their style. I also modified it by putting Luigi in because the picture wasn't big enough for the sites cover specifications, thought it would be cool if they were fist bumping.
This is the main piece i did for the AV Jam! It took f****ing days! It's a take on Shadow of the Colossus and a character from the game 'Sword & Sworcery' called 'The Grizzled Bore' i also added the health bars along the side as if you were in battle mode.