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    A spec project between Hong Kong Polytechnic University, California State University, Long Beach BFA graphic design program and the city of Hong … Read More
    A spec project between Hong Kong Polytechnic University, California State University, Long Beach BFA graphic design program and the city of Hong Kong. Hong Kong has an increasingly growing problem, known as air pollution. The massive amount of emissions from internal combustion engines and industrial factories has negatively impacted Hong Kong. The city’s residents rely on the transportation system to get around. Their routes that they take everyday of their life could be called their lifeline. Some of the existing public transportation options have realized the urgency of the smog problem in the city, and have switched their fuel systems to be less of a negative impact on the environment. Unfortunately the transition process has taken a long time to be completed for most of the commercial and private automobiles. As with everything, financial reasons have caused the holdup. Updating privately owned vehicles is a complex issue, but the public supported and government run buses should lead the way with setting the example for the rest of the city to follow. The Environmental Protection Department and the Transportation Department have the money and the manpower to change, but have not recognized the air pollution problem. They should start by looking to other cities that have fixed their smog problem, and use their successful models. The city of London has experienced a dramatic improvement in their air quality after retrofitting their public buses with hybrid engines using more clean electric energy than dirty internal combustion energy. Hong Kong would see instant improvements in the air as people progressively used clean transportation. Credit: Dustin Rinehart, Erika Magallon, Hai Pham, Yao Hu and Julian Jones-Pittman. Read Less
Primary and Secondary Logo for The LIFELINE MOVEMENT and the campaign poster appearing all over the city.
Hong Kong people unite in protest of the air pollution problem. Present new campaign called FATE IS IN YOUR HAND. Empowering the people to speak out. Driving them to our website to get informed and connect with others. 
Week of Earth Day (April 22nd) we ask protesting Hong Kong citizens to: begin by using our website to organize and inform others online, wear the Lifeline Movement t-shirt to communicate the message on the street and meet like minded people, then holding protests and refusing to use the government’s bus system, until they clean up their act.

Another aspect of our street advertising will be guerrilla style advertising in the form of palm reading. Chinese culture has a rich history of fortune tellers, usually promoting their services on the busy streets. Their process of foreseeing your future is based upon reading your hand and it’s characteristics. On every ones hand, there is one line in particular that the palm reader can gauge your life expectancy. This is called your lifeline.
Our mission will be to attract people on the street to getting their fortune told by our palm reader. After studying their hand, the palm reader will tell them that their lifeline is looking not so good and that they need to make a change in their life to improve their lifeline; ultimately extending their life expectancy. The palm reader will then inform them about the Lifeline Movement and where to get even further information about how they need to change their usual everyday mode of transportation, by switching their daily commutes to cleaner systems of transportation. Thus improving their own lifelines and improving the air quality for their fellow Hong Kong residents.
Finally the palm reader will direct them to our website, where they will discover more about The Lifeline Movement. Our homepage will have a hand scanning feature so people can receive a virtual hand reading. This will also require the user to insert data about their current mode of transportation which will either be a clean system or a polluted one. If their lifeline is in bad shape, they will have the opportunity to improve it by learning about all the other cleaner ways of transportation.

Once the user discovers the ways they can improve their lifeline, the website will change to a more inspirational and positive tone. The user can read other people’s comments and stories of how they changed for the better. Additionally, displaying their improved lifelines on their hand and their lifelines in the city.
The next step will be to become a member of The Lifeline Movement and join in on the events that happen in the city. Free t-shirts will be sent out to members so that they can inform others on the street and unite with one another and protest using the forms of transportation that continue to add to the air pollution problem.
We created applications that can be used on mobile devices as well. Similar to our website, a user will be able to perform all of the features wherever they are go. The mobile application can literally turn people into fortune telling hand readers. Scanning the image of the hand and imputing transit routes only takes seconds. This would come in handy to help other people around you and eventually the whole city.
Our goal is to awaken people to the current air pollution problem that exists in Hong Kong. Informing people about the causes is one thing, but letting them know that it is negatively effecting the health of themselves and everyone else is another. Discovering how easy it would be to make a simple change to the way we routinely move in the city, will make the transition a success. People just need to be properly informed as to what is going on and that they have the power to change the current system. It’s simple, improve your lifeline in moving around the city will result in an improvement to their own lifeline health. Fate is in your hand.