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Ganador EFFIE 2009 Oro mejor campaña integral 
Bronce FIAP Innovación en medios
Coca-Cola Interactive Music Summer

Aprovechamos la búsqueda del teen por expresarse y generamos lapropuesta interactiva más sorprendente del verano, creamos “COCA-COLA INTERACTIVE MUSIC”.
La acción empezó con la creación del HIT DEL VERANO “Hoy Quiero” y su difusión en todos los medios,incluyendo nuevas versiones grabadas por los Teen Angels.
Creamos una gran box con distintas etapas, en la que los grupos de amigos podían grabar su propia versión del verano "Hoy quiero", generar su propio videoclip como estrellas de música y llevarse su video en una pulsera usb de Coca-Cola.

Summer Activation Coca - Cola Interactive Music

-Recover Coca-Cola's leadership in terms of music among Teens.

-Finding an Area within Music differentiating Coke.
-Given that all the consumers were connected with Music in the same way: Going to Concerts, Buying Music, Dancing at NightClubs and Pubs.

-Internet, Downloading Music, Listening to MP3, watching Videos in the Web have not been explored by any other brand.
-Music Consumption Events involve a Digital Device.
-Teemagers are mostly Interested in Customization, Choosing the Content, Creating their own Contents, Creating their own Music. Interacting and sharing with others.
-Teenagers quest to build their own Identity and get the opportunity to Express Themselves.


The Action starts with the Creation of The Summer Hit: " Hoy Quiero" (Today I Want), and then TVC is launched.
-TeenAngels, the most popular and acclaimed Band among Teens in Argentina, recorded their own versions.
-We distribiuted the lyrics and a CD with the song at Toll Booths.
-We launched An Especial Edition Bottle with the lyrics.

We invited Teens to experience Coca-Cola on the beach, on the CCIM Module you could:

1_Enter your details and you can choose Easy-to-Record Pop. Latin or Rock Versions of the song.
2_Enter the Dressing Room and get the look of a Rock & Roll Star.
3_Record your own version live and shoot your music Video on a Green Screen were you can chosse a Background.
4_Take your version of the song and tour video in a USB Bracelet. Your versions are automatically Uploaded to CCIM WEB.

And you are Participating in a Contest to Travel to go and see the MTV Music Awards Tokyo!!!!

There were Mini-booths in Buses, Pubs and NightClubs for consumers to participate.

THE ACTION WAS A COMPLETE SUCCESS AND MULTIAWARDED ON FESTIVALS (such as El Diente, El Ojo de Iberoamerica and FIAP, and is in the ranking of best Latinamerican Creative Ideas of 2009).

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