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MLS Kits Redesigned (2017)
MLS Kits Redesigned
I will be updating this as new teams join the league! I wrote a little paragraph with each design to give you an idea of what I was thinking when design them. Enjoy!

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Atlanta United FC
Atlanta is a new team this year so my design is based on what they've come out with this year only. I added trim on the vertical black stripes, and I extended the 3 stripes from the shoulder down through the sleeve. That will be a common theme with my kits, I hate the shoulder only adidas stripes. The away kit is essentially a basic white kit with a faded 'A'. Maybe a gold or black top next time?
Chicago Fire
The one thing I think of when I think 'Chicago Fire' is the white stripe across the front. That is a staple for them in my opinion and needs to be on their kit. However, I also loved the 2014 kit that faded from red on the bottom to blue on the top, and so I recreated that in my own way. The third kit is based of their new grey kit, which I like a lot.
Colorado Rapids
It's hard to see these colors and not think of West Ham, Burnley, Aston Villa, etc. I wanted to include more blue in the home, but thought it would be too much like those teams, so I kept the red and white. The away kit was designed to look a bit like water (to fit the name Rapids in case you didn't catch on), and the third kit is a tribute to the state of Colorado and the colors of their flag (which is also featured on the kit). 
Columbus Crew
Columbus recently dropped their yellow kit, which in my opinion is one of the most iconic kits in the league. Nobody else wears all yellow, and it's a shame they don't have it anymore. I brought it back (gave them a black sleeve so maybe it's not fully back), and used the diamond pattern that I think looked great on their 2014 kit. Gave them an all black kit as well with a pattern that resembles their badge. Even if you don't like this kit it's way better than their current away kit (seriously look it up).
FC Dallas
The new FC Dallas home kit is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I added an extra couple of hoops, but I didn't try to change much because I love it. The away kit is a design I had in mind from the beginning of tackling this project, and I knew it would work well with Dallas. Dallas seems to love having a blue away, but I think there is enough blue to keep them happy. Maybe should of made the shorts blue?
DC United
Alright, I mentioned iconic kits with the Crew, but the most iconic kit in my mind (especially growing up two hours outside of D.C. and having no team in Philly at the time) is the 3 striped DC top. They NEED to bring the 3 stripes back, and I know this kit might be hated by some, but it reminds be in every way of my childhood DC United and the legend that is Freddy Adu. Look at the 2004 United kit and you'll see where I get inspiration for this kit.
Houston Dynamo
I love me some orange, but I typically always hate the simplicity of the Dynamo kits. So, I added some solar flare/fire like designs on the home kit to go with the sun theme in their badge. White away is pretty standard, but then I threw in an all black on black third kit for the cold weather away games.
Sporting Kansas City
I know everyone will look at the third kit, but let me explain the first two first! The home kit is their standard scheme (light blue top, navy bottom), but I gave the top a 'pixelated' design. The away kit is suppose to resemble their crest with the diagonals. Finally, the third kit is a tribute to their old name, 'Wizards' (greatest name ever btw), and the rainbow kits they used to rock. 
LA Galaxy
The sash is an MLS icon since the Galaxy are one of the only US teams to get worldwide recognition thanks to the likes of David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, and other European players. I went ahead and enhanced it a bit with some streaks that I believe fit with the Galaxy name, and I translated that into the away kit as well. The third kit is a tribute to the original Galaxy colors and look. The first two are probably my favorite in this whole project.
Minnesota FC
The other new team to the MLS to go along with Atlanta, is Minnesota. I dig the target sponsor, but a grey home kit with a white away kit is a bit odd in my opinion. I'm not a fan of the color scheme they have, but it is unique and I respect that. I added a black kit to complete the greyscale, and didn't make a blue kit as I feel there a lot of blue kits in the league already. 
Montreal Impact
The home kit I created is just their Inter Milan-esque black and blue stripes, which I like, and I threw in the black sleeve that is reminiscent of the 2010ish Puma striped kits that I love (Look up Ghana's 2010 kits if you don't know what I'm talking about). The away kit was designed to resemble the flag of Montreal and Quebec. I included the fleur de lys below the collar as it also features on the flag of Montreal and Quebec.
New England Revolution
I went for a blue to red gradient and added diagonal stripes to represent the stripes of their logo, which obviously is based on the flag of the U.S.. New England's away kit, if you haven't seen it, is red with green accents. I hate the green because it's weird and makes no sense (there is probably a reason for it but it looks bad), and opted to go for an all white with silver look that looks sleek and classy.
New York Football Club
Simple home kit with some orange trim. A dark away kit with a little more orange so it has a bit of a 'pop'. The third kit is a remake of Marseille's 11-12 third kit that didn't get enough credit for its beauty.
New York Red Bull
I don't think Red Bull likes to tweak their kits very much since they're all basically the same thing. Regardless, I spiced it up a bit by adding some more yellow in the home kit, and more red in the away kit. I was going to do a silver and blue checkered kit that would match their cans, but I thought it would be a bit dumb. 
Orlando City FC
I went with a gradient with horizontal stripes. It's bright, colorful, and very fitting for a warm weather team. The away kit keeps it simple and was inspired by the Real Madrid kit a few years back. I really enjoy Orlando's color scheme, and think it's one of the best in the league.
Philadelphia Union
If you haven't figured out by reading previous kit descriptions, I am a Union fan. I love the iconic stripe down the middle, which I enhanced with a snakeskin texture to go along with our snake theme. I made the Bimbo logo all white because WHY IS IT RED AND BLUE. The second kit continues the snakeskin stripe but changes to blue for the river next to our stadium, and the bridge that over looks over the Sons of Ben on the river end is featured as well. The third kit I thought was cool, but the more I look at it the more I think it looks like an ad for Finding Dory or something. Oh well, it was suppose to resemble water anyway.
Portland Timbers
For Portland I had to stick to the old chevron stripe thing, and to go back to the white sleeves. Portland's new kit I personally don't like, but the one I made I think fits their energetic and fantastic fan base. The away kit resembles the Dallas one I made, but I think really works here too. The third kit just continues their Rose City thing. I don't know much about it, but I know their current one is pretty weird, so I did my own thing.
Real Salt Lake
Salt Lake recently went to all red, which I personally think is too boring. The blue shorts really stand out and make the kit look good. Again, Salt Lake doesn't really change their kits that much but I thought the Man Utd 2013 table cloth pattern really fit well with these. You think a team with lake in their name would adopt a more blue color scheme, but the primary colors look is pretty cool too. 
San Jose Earthquakes
I like the San Jose kits so I didn't change much with the home kit. I added the pattern in the crest, and did the same to a white away kit. Like Portland, they also like to have a red kit so I went with something simple, but also different with the sponsor's text removed.
Seattle Sounders
Seattle always seems to have nice kits that people love, so I tried to take it to another level they haven't yet. The home kit is a bit different, but is still that bright attractive green with some of the Sounder blue. The away kit is pretty standard, and the third kit is based on their new away kit. Instead of navy though, I went with black. The bright turquoise is awesome, and I thought that I reflected the rainy Seattle weather with the 'drip' designs.
Toronto FC
This kit was one of the first ones I had an idea for. The grey is made to look like the 'T' in the badge, and is a bit different than the standard red kit they currently have. I included a maple leaf on the away kit, for obvious reasons, and the third kit is blue for Toronto city. 
Vancouver Whitecaps
Vancouver always seems to have awesome white kits. This year, however, they came out with a rain drop (drop top?) kit that I think is pretty disappointing in comparison to past kits. I went back to a design similar to 2016, but with the 'ice caps' I guess, more in a 'W' shape. I added the horizontal stripes to break it up a bit and I think it came out well. The away kit again is similar to their 2016 kit, but with a little bit of my own flare. Don't fix what isn't broken right?
(2018 UPDATE) Here is the newest team to enter MLS. There is not much to say about the black kit, but the away kit features wings on the side that resemble the wings featured in their logo. Both feature designs made up of small dots in order to be subtle, but also make the top more interesting.
Hopefully you enjoyed the kits, and appreciate them if you did! Thank you.
MLS Kits Redesigned (2017)


MLS Kits Redesigned (2017)

The MLS season is coming up so I decided to redesign every team's kit. I took inspiration from teams history, past kits, and their current kits. Read More


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