Everything that takes place in space and time, is taken and understood as a path. 
Periods and time periods we also see and recognize as the real space. That way path becomes a central media of experiencing the world, and synonym for a life itself.
Each of our paths is a kind of designed, prefabricated walk.
In contrast to the space of the flat, character of path and street is in a constant stream. Continuous movement, to be on your way, to have a restless spirit, is the essence of this system. Path is the future of an infinite distance. Path launches static landscape which he sets in motion towards the clear horizon.
When you stand, stands meter length of the river which flows. If you go, if you travel, you become a river, a drop in the river, a piece of wood thrown into the river. When we stand, the time rushes around the body such as high water flow around the bridge. Walking is therefore permanently.

Paths and Passages, Hans Dieter Schaal