Feral Fest '16

Each year Feral Brewing Co. work towards unleashing a torrent of fresh kegged brews for the public of Perth at what is known as Feral Fest. This years event was held at the Bar Pop Urban Orchard in Perth's CBD and featured over 20+ beers.

Brief: Beer
Concept: A Festival poster in the style of the D.I.Y. era of punk rock.
Who are the headliners? Who's backing up? Who are trendy? 
Working along side Feral's award winning identity by Block Branding, we took the bare bones of D.I.Y. design and forged a simple idea, all taken from the hard working promoters of the punk scene. Create a poster in using the bare bones we had and the physical methods of photocopying and scanning. There's just something about the replication of materials through tactile methods. 
A line-up of this calibre deserves to be front and centre. Who are you going to see? I'm sure there will be some clashes. Are you going to rise above or too drunk to fuck?

Motion: OK Media Group