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NodeFest: The Digital Made Physical

NODEFEST brings the best in Australian Motion Graphics and Animation together to share their work, industry insights and creative inspiration. Friday, Nov 18, ACMI, Melbourne AU  /
It was a pleasure to contribute to Node both with the ident and presentation.

This ident imagines the digital world of keyframes and timelines, made into physical objects assembled in stop motion by hand, to form to the Node logo. Small wire axes, plastic nodes, metal keyframes, nulls, bounding boxes... even a timeline.

Of course, there are some very useful tools we can use to put it together, and you'll catch the Adobe/Maxon logos in there as well (with a couple more if you know what you're looking for!).

Being physical we also needed some paperclips, pliers, and other useful implements to assemble the pieces scattered around the work bench.

In the end we couldn't resist adding some tiny human figures and spheres - ingredients in a lot of Octane renders!

Cinema4D, Octane Render, After Effects.

Direction: Scott Geersen
Design / 3D: Substance

Edit: Joe Morris

NodeFest: The Digital Made Physical

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NodeFest: The Digital Made Physical