Eat No Evil

Eat No Evil are a food truck based out of South Fremantle, Western Australia. 
A cult figure around the beaches and Swan River, their cuisine melds South East Asian with Mexican to create a zesty, light balance of flavours to keep you coming back for more.
Whilst still set up around the streets of Freo, their mobile nature has seen them grown into the wedding catering scene, booked out for months in advance. 

Brief: Create a brand that stays true to their Freo coastal street food upbringing but can also sit just as comfortably in the wedding catering scene.
Concept: Somewhere between a Miami sunset, 70's surf culture, the laid back vibe of Fremantle and a handwritten neon light that reads Just Chill.

We created a simple brand mark of a sunset sitting like a dream, mirrored by a new tagline, sandwitching a homage of their existing typography and what could possibly be a meld of Risky Business and Dirty Dancing. But to stretch from being extremely eclectic and D.I.Y. - to putting on a shirt and fronting up to a wedding, the Eat No Evil identity needed to grow (and shrink). 
We followed by creating a series of found and drawn motifs, typography and patterns. Set in a mellow pastel colour palette referencing the coastline, this eclectic mix can be as busy or as minimal as desired.