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Twillingar - the twin Metro Train
Outstanding and First place award - RVID International Train Design Award
Between destinations there are two ways to commute in the present scenario. Passengers who doesn’t want to walk or take a taxi or to save time will  will prefer to chose their personal mobility over public transport. In the future these personal mobility will become more smart and compact. There will be a large percentage of population using such modes of transportation to commute in the modern cities. So people will tend to stick to them for commuting. The thought behind the idea was on how to make the people chose the public transport. One of the ways to do was that to let them get in the Metro along with their mobility, at the same time it should not be an inconvenience situation for the passengers who travel by themselves. This concept is a levitated automatic metro which carries both type of passengers in different compartments. It's more like a double decked modern train. The metro is guided through a series of pillars which is also the track . These pillars support the metro from its center , thus there a long grove in the middle of the metro. Each of the pillar is equipped with a super magnet which pulls the metro towards it. Each of the pillar is mounted with a vertical wind turbine which can generate electricity even at smaller winds. Because there is metro moving at regular intervals there will be enough air turbulence as well. So most of the wind energy is generated from the movement of the metro itself. Also the floor of the metro and the station are designed in such a way that it can tap energy from the foot print. There are automatic pods which constantly feed passengers to and from the station .
Twillingar - the twin Metro Train