Musejam is an online platform that will help you discover relevant music, events & artists like never before. 

I started with them as a graphic designer making poster and LOGO , but now I am working as their UI Designer and am excited to share my work here as soon as the 1st launch happens.. O!! I am doing all  of the Html & CSS(a little bit of Jquery) and all this using Laravel Framework which i learnt during the project( i am too good at learning while working and have a basic understandings of frameworks or so I think!) 
This was the first work that i did for MUSEJAM, a Background that they needed for Launchrock page. It was made in a way to create a feel of a Platform that was for the Indian Live Music Industry ...a new breeze of change for them. For a better feel see the page : 

This was the logo that was decided finally as it had a hidden MJ and because the wave represented Music!!
Soon to share the interface design and the whole Process that we went through  !!!