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How Can I Secure My Yahoo Account from Hackers?
Yahoo is one of the widely used webmail portals allow us to send a free message, images, Videos and much more. Many users use Yahoo for their commercial and personal use. It offers many amazing features for its uses such a Yahoo Mail, News, Yahoo images, shopping etc. It keeps us connected with our friends, families, and colleagues. Yahoo account can be used for anything. Some people save their important and personal information in it. Last year millions of Yahoo account gets compromised. Due to this, here we are giving you some tips to secure your account:

Change your password- If you think someone knows your password then you need to change your password immediately. This will helps you to secure your Yahoo account from an unauthorized user.

< >Set a Strong password- Use a strong password for your Yahoo account. So, that it is hard to guess by hackers. You can use upper or lowercase letter, symbols or numbers in it and don’t keep the same password for a long time. You need to update it timely

Use complicated Email address for your account. To configure a complicated email address for your Yahoo account, which is hard to guess by others by your name? You can use numbers, names, and symbols in it to make it more complex. For example- Johny32_1@yahoo.com.

Protect your computer- If you don’t have any antivirus software install in your wireless system then your email id and password is at risk. You need to download the antivirus t secure it. Using wireless is not safe as hackers use networks sniffers to get into your account. To avoid this you need to have WPA key on your wireless. It is the best way to secure your account from hackers.

Keep your email ID and its password are your own confidential information- Don’t tell anyone about your username and password. This information is confidential so, don’t tell anyone about this. If someone calls you and asks you about this information then don’t tell anyone about this. They may use your account to send spam messages to your contact list.

You should modify the security questions and answers. If someone knows your login detail then you can change your password or you can also update your security questions. Select that question which is not easy to guess. This will helps you to secure your account.

Use 2-step verification- Turn on two-step verification for your yahoo account which will help you to keep your account secure. Set-up Yahoo account security key is another method to secure your account.recover hacked Yahoo mail password. For more knowledge, you can visit Yahoo helpdesk page for assistance.

If you face such a scenario, then these tips mentioned above will definitely help you to secure your Yahoo account from the hackers. If you don’t know much about computers then we suggest you contact IT expert or Yahoo helpdesk team for instant support as yahoo expertise are always available for your help to recover hacked Yahoo mail password. For more knowledge, you can visit Yahoo helpdesk page for assistance.