Asterra is a premium advertising network serving over 10 billion geo-targeted ad impressions per month. They connect product and service companies to their audience through our smart advertising platform to raise brand awareness globally, improve ROI, and increase ad revenue. Their mission is to transform digital advertising for web, mobile and social platforms and make it creative, unique and engaging with the help of their modern optimization technology. 

In Adsterra believes in taking personal approach with each of our partners and help them grow within their business 
every step of the way.

Client — Adsterra
Brand Manager/Producer — Stasia Sevastyanova
Concept Direction — Alex Frukta, Vladimir Tomin
Art Direction — Alex Frukta, Vladimir Tomin
Motion — Alex Frukta, Vladimir Tomin

2017 Nord Collective

1 Storyboards.
Final version pdf in which still-frames for script animation.

2 Motion.
Last versions two motions sequence about commercial products company.

Adsterra is a place where two different crowds are working together. 
Advertisers got “what” to advertise. Publishers got “where” to advertise it. 
The main challenge of this project was to create two different visual communications 
for two absolutely different audiences, yet sharing same visual style.


3 Gifs.