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Many users have started to become both frustrated and ambivalent in thier relationship with social media. Public feeds have become so awash with staged and idealized images many feel they cannot post genuine emotion and honest stories. In addition, Kakao could not reach twenty-something users, so our goal was driven by the potential user of this product.  

After researching, we found that even though an app has good usability and convenient functions, many people still do not use it. We came to the conclusion that it was vital that the product looks good, has a clear brand identity and unique functions. We produced various things to make users consider it a cool product.

The important visual elements were designed using Emojis. Moreover, we invented unique forms of communication such as adding stickers and hitting unlimited likes. We also came up with ‘Eggword’ where users can comment on various material we provide.

Thanks for watching and appreciating.

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Project Period : 2016. 1 ~ 2016. 12
Output : iOS application, Android application, Website, Branding Goods, Branding Goods Website
UI Design : Jina Seong, Sue Young Kang
Brand Design : Jina Seong, Sue Young Kang
Product Design : Jina Seong, Sue Young Kang
Development : Jed Min, Bj Kim, Edward Jeong, Carey Chae, Ice Oh, Wendy Seo, Elsie Lee, 
Product Management : Zinga Kim, Sso Seong, Henny Lee